Community Services


The mission of NLS Community Services is to provide opportunities that advance our member’s ability to deliver proactive and integrated healthcare services of body, mind and spirit, and is dependent on individual members actualizing this mission through “all the treasures” which God has deposited in each “jar of clay” in New Life Sanctuary and the sharing of resources, knowledge and expertise to reach out and bless the community.

NLS Community Services is committed to providing healthcare services of body, mind and spirit responsive to the needs of individuals and families in our community. We link those who need help with those who can help. Making connections between those who need and those who can is how we assist people through our ministries and services. 

Our Community Services are as follows:

  • Healing Rooms Ministries
  • Integrated Wellness Care And Support Services
  • W.O.W. (Wonder of Wealth) - Ministry to the Elderly
  • Praise Dance