Care Groups


Care Groups are various groups of members and friends who meet primarily in different locations in our community throughout the week for the purposes of Bible Study, Prayers, Fellowship and Care-giving.

Feel free to contact the Leader who happens to be in your area.


Care Groups Location:
1. Glomac Square Rhema, (Sunday)     – Leader: James Oh.
2. Glomac Square Rhema, (Sunday)     – Leader: Sally Yee
3. Taman Megah P.J. (Sunday)               – Leader: Dr. Chan Wing Chit
4. Glomac Square (Wednesday)          – Leader: Subash Chelliah
5. LDP (Friday 8.30pm)                         – Leader: Leonard Tan
6. Subang Jaya (Friday 8.30pm)             – Leader: Philip Ong

Please contact Care Group Director, Dato’ Robert Cheim for further information.